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Attention: Anyone suffering from a mystery ailment or symptom...

Do you have a mystery ailment or symptoms no one has been able to figure out?

Have you been suffering for weeks, months maybe even years?

If so, this just may be the most important letter you read all year...

Think about your ailment and symptoms for a moment... whether it's a mystery stomach problem, random headaches or joint pain, anxiety, fibromyalgia, sleep issues or whatever it may be for you... just think about it for just a moment.

Maybe you have more than one?

As wonderful as it is, do you ever feel like you're trapped inside a broken defective body...

...feeling as if you have little control over how it feels, looks or behaves?

Ever find yourself anxious because you fear your symptoms may popup and ruin the day for you and everyone else in your life... again?

Do you sometimes feel pain, discomfort and maybe even secretly feel embarrassment and humiliation because of your ailment?

Ever feel like your symptoms are holding you back in life or relationships?

Or maybe you know what your triggers are but you wonder why sometimes your symptoms are so much more intense than others times.

Have you tried so many different solutions, prescriptions, potions, lotions and techniques that didn't work you feel like giving up hope?

You're not alone...

Meet Sally, Tom and Susan.

Sally is a 39 years old career woman and mom of two.

She considers herself to be generally healthy but in the last few years she has developed a mystery ailment in her gut.

She now has frequent stomachaches, which have completely disrupted her life.

She feels totally lost because she can't figure out what's going on. Her husband and kids are frustrated too because she's sick so often.

Tom is a 32-year-old executive who's career is going well for now.

Lately, Tom is having trouble concentrating and staying focused through large parts of the day and people are noticing.

He's concerned about it and drinks coffee to compensate but he knows that's not solving his problem.

Susan is 60.

Her grandmother had rheumatoid arthritis and now she suspects she has it too.

Some days are manageable while other days it's hard to even get out of bed because her joints hurt too much. She's stopped dancing and doing many other things she enjoys doing.

What does a 39-year-old mother; 32-year-old man and 60-year-old woman have in common?

More than you'd think.

They don't realize it yet, but their bodies are simply reacting to the foods they're eating and it's manifesting in stomachaches, mental fog and joint pain.

But more on how we know this in a minute... you first need to see a few things.

I'm sure you've eaten a big Thanksgiving type meal and 45 minutes later felt so sleepy you could barely keep your eyes open.


You know someone who's eaten a chocolate bar, gotten totally jazzed for 20 minutes but then crashed into a mild depression afterwards.

Instinctively, we know some foods make us feel good while other foods make us feel bad.

For some people the reactions are extreme... eating peanuts for example instantly sends their bodies into shock.

Peanuts can literally KILL them.

For many, like Sally, Tom and Susan, the reactions are much more subtle and delayed... so much so they can't connect the food with the reaction.

There's a growing body of evidence showing the links between the food we eat and how we feel afterwards.

Did you know our body's reaction to food could be delayed DAYS after we've eaten it?


Those reaction can be contributing to the exact symptom you're experiencing now?

A food eaten today may impact us tomorrow or even the after that.

Weird huh?

Research shows as many as 95 out of every 100 people have some sort of food sensitivity.

And we're talking about normal everyday food... for whatever reasons our body views specific food as the enemy.

Could you be eating a food that's harming you?

Is it possible you're unknowingly eating a food that's like poison for your body?

It's nearly impossible to know if a food you've eaten earlier is contributing to your problems now.

Our brains are not wired to pick up on these connections.

But wouldn't it be great if you COULD know which food is your trigger food?

You could simply stop eating THAT food and feel better.

Could it really be that simple?

For many, yes it can be!

But the trick is figuring out what's contributing to YOUR symptoms.

Say hello to the tacking app.

Think of it like a Seeing Eye dog but for your health and wellbeing.

While a Guide Dog guides the blind through the world they can't see...

...the app helps shed light on the hard to sense connections between our daily activities and the food we eat with the pain, discomfort and lowered performance we experience later.

For many of us it's a total mystery why we feel the way we do.

Some days feel absolutely horrible and sluggish... while others feel great and energetic with no symptoms at all... each appearing to be random and out of the blue.

This is how it was for Ed until he discovered a solution...

Meet Ed. He created the app you see right here on this page but more about that in a moment.

Ed's a pretty healthy guy.

But 15 years ago Ed developed a mysterious skin issue. At first it was no big deal, but as time passed his ailment got worse and worse.

It got so bad it started interfering with his entire life. At times he even felt like a monster in public. He was embarrassed, frustrated and worried that it could be something serious.

So Ed went to a traditional doctor.

But the doctor couldn't find an answer so he sent him to other doctor... who sent him to dermatologist who also couldn't find the answer but prescribed steroids and recommended he visit a surgeon.

He was very discouraged.

Eventually Ed did have surgery but his ailment persisted.

Then he got an idea! Maybe something he was eating was making his symptoms worse?

Ed decided to monitor everything.

With pen and paper he tracked the severity of his ailment and what he ate morning, noon and night.

This went on for a while until one day he saw a pattern!

At first he found it IMPOSSIBLE to believe and dismissed it... it couldn't possibly be THIS food.

But the more he tracked the clearer it became.

Wheat was everywhere in Ed's diet.

This was years before anyone was talking about gluten and GMO's. Friends and family couldn't believe innocent ole wheat could be causing so much trouble.

Ed felt alone in his discovery.

But there it was... Pizza, pasta, breads, beagles, cakes and cookies... as wheat went up in his diet so did his ailment severity.

He made a few changes. Ate less wheat and his skin problem improved.

Ed now has some control over his mysterious skin ailment.

Since then, he discovered eggs and beans make his mom's Rheumatoid Arthritis much worse.

Red wine amplifies his friend's allergy attaches and found more and more scientific research surrounding the interaction between our daily activities, the food we eat and the severity of our ailments and performance.

Using pen and paper it took Ed many months and a bit of luck to discover his allergy to wheat... he knew there had to be a simpler and faster way.

He searched and searched but couldn't find anything that was easy and reliable.

After seeing his results, friends and family encouraged him to make something they could use too.

At first he was very reluctant to do it but Ed decided to build a simple app anyone could use to discover possible triggers.

And here it is.

From stomachaches to headaches... joint pain to allergies... mind fog to fatigue to everything in-between, you can track over 150 different symptoms and ailments.

Take the free 21-day challenge.

With less than 60 seconds a day we guarantee you'll discover more about your body than most discover in a lifetime.

It's easy. All you do is slide the indicators on your computer screen and click on the foods you've eaten. Simple.

The computer system crunches your data for the impossible to see patterns and gives you a list of potential problem foods unique to you.

The clues are in the data!

Like a pal and confidant, the app guides you though everything.

Nothing complicated to download, simply visit the site on your computer browser and follow the simple instructions to get going.

After just a few days, beautiful charts and graph of your life will open before you... you'll see things about yourself you never knew before!

Why not get started today.

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